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PureForce E.O.C. Enzyme Odor Counteractant Cucumber/Melon Enzyme Blend


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ENZYME ODOR COUNTERACTANT is a powerful formulation of odor digesting enzymes that penetrate the odor source and quickly neutralize, digest, and eliminate the odor. This product contains the newest enzyme technology available on the market. These enzymes are resistant to pH and water temperature changes. Unlike traditional enzymes, these enzymes are ready to use and do not need 4-6 hours to multiply. They are ready to work when you are ready to clean. Use anywhere organic odors are a problem. ENZYME ODOR COUNTERACTANT also contains a unique blend of water-soluble fragrances designed to provide the cleaned area with a light pleasant smell.

This is the choice of consumers that want a long-lasting malodor counteractant with an extraordinary aroma.

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