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Pre Owned Whittaker Smartcare Trio 15″

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-New brushes, pre owned and ready to use, in excellent condition!


Start improving carpet appearance immediately with the Whittaker Smart Care® 15-inch TRIO System. The System includes the 15-inch TRIO machine with three counter-rotating brushes to remove embedded and surface stains from carpet. It also includes the CRYSTAL® Chemistry needed to perform interim cleaning, deep cleaning and spot and stain removal. This chemistry leaves behind no sticky residues that are commonly associated with other forms of cleaning.

The low-moisture encapsulation system’s fast-drying chemistry and quiet operation make it ideal for expanded hours of commercial carpet cleaning, including daytime cleaning and 24/7 facilities. It provides the deep cleaning benefits of hot water extraction without the truck mounted equipment, wicking and wet carpets. Our Systems also remove soils better than bonnet cleaning while actually preserving and extending the life of your carpet instead of damaging its fibers.

The 15-inch carpet agitator is lightweight, ergonomic and quiet, making it the most simple, safe and effective way to maintain consistently clean carpet. It features a low fatigue machine-mounted solution tank and lite-touch control. Any staff member who can operate a vacuum can use the TRIO. Our simple CRYSTAL® Chemistry dilution instructions reduce employee training time and improve efficiency, helping you minimize costs.

Clean up to 11,700 sq. ft./hour with the 15-inch TRIO.


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